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Experienced pool professionals. No pool is too big or too small.

At Grady's Pool Service & Construction, we truly love what we do. From fixing small pool problems to full-scale pool renovations, our work makes the pools of our clients more enjoyable. With that in mind, we know that what we're doing is essentially making people happy - not a bad way to earn a living.

Local to Bakersfield, Grady's Pool Service & Construction is not trying to compete with larger, national pool maintenance companies. Instead, we simply want to be the best option for our neighbors and others in the local area that are tired of paying too much for quality pool openings, repairs, and more.

Join those in Bakersfield and beyond - who already know about our talents. Call Grady's Pool Service & Construction at 661-699-5242 and experience the difference today!

Our Services

A Wide Range of Services

We've tailored our business to cover all your pool requests and our full service offering is designed to have your pool taken care of in a quick and orderly fashion. Click through to learn about our offers.

While having a pool can be a great addition to your Central California property, going through the trouble of opening and closing each year can be more than a hassleOur convenient services ensure you'll create treasured pool memories year after year.

If you're like many pool owners in Central California, then you know that special feeling you get when the weather warms up. No, we're not talking about the sun's rays on your face - we're talking about that heavy feeling you get every time you think about the work to be done to open your pool. At Grady's Pool Service & Construction, our superior ability means we'll have it open in no time.

In a similar vein, waiting too long to close your Central California pool can see the work pile up like dominoes. Falling leaves, debris from autumn rains, and more can make it harder and harder to close your pool. With Grady's Pool Service & Construction, we'll come right when you've made the decision to end the season and close your pool at a reasonable price.

Stop putting off a pool opening or closing in Central California just because you're dreading the work. Grady's Pool Service & Construction is here at 661-699-5242 for a quick, easy solution.

Choosing to do your Central California pool's maintenance yourself may save a few dollars in the short term, but it could end up costing a whole lot more in the long-run. Making mistakes with your water's chemistry or cleaning lines improperly can shorten the life of your pool.

With Grady's Pool Service & Construction, you no longer have to worry about the guesswork involved in Central California pool maintenance. Every member of our team is well-trained in pool chemistry and has the experience needed to work on the inner mechanics of nearly every type of pool.

Training and experience in pool chemistry

On every pool maintenance visit in Central California, we offer a complete package of services, from simple water testing to scum line removal to visual inspection of your pumps and filters. The Grady's Pool Service & Construction maintenance report will show not only the current state of your pool, but also all work we've completed as well as our recommendations to improve your pool's quality.

Getting a professional pool maintenance in Central California may be less expensive than you think. Contact Grady's Pool Service & Construction at 661-699-5242 to learn more.

Check out the best pools in Central California and you might wonder how they all have the same beautiful shine reflecting through the crystal clear water. The secret's out and those in the know choose our pool cleaning services for a superior look.

Complete pool cleaning

If you've gone through a complete pool cleaning in Central California, then it's probably not a job you want to do again. The scrubbing and polishing can be hard work and is the reason that so many locals call Grady's Pool Service & Construction. We take care of your pool cleaning from start to finish and because we're pros, the end result will look better than if you would have done it yourself.

In addition to our deep cleaning for Central California pools, we also offer regular weekly cleaning to keep it looking exceptional throughout the swimming season. During these routine visits, we'll remove any debris, flush the scum line, and can even add deck or patio cleaning as an extra service.

For a Central California pool cleaner that does it all, look no further than Grady's Pool Service & Construction. Call us today at 661-699-5242!

Your pool may look wonderful when it's first installed, but time and use can see the luster fade. Our pool repair and renovation services are the perfect answer for pools that need a little TLC to return to their former glory.

A great look for your pool

Like any other part of your Central California property, your pool is not immune to needing repairs. Fortunately, Grady's Pool Service & Construction is right here to take care of them swiftly and professionally, with specialists who can help identify faulty heaters, replace coping, and much more to bring your pool back from the brink.

For some of our clients, it's not a case of function but more about their Central California pool's appearance. In these cases, Grady's Pool Service & Construction is able to offer stylish renovations that can transform your pool area. Let our team find a great look and start enjoying days spent by the pool more than ever before.

Central California pool renovations and repair by Grady's Pool Service & Construction comes with honest pricing and trustworthy experts. Dial 661-699-5242 to hear more about our options.

It's well known that ceramic, porcelain, or stone tile can truly transform a space. However, no matter the quality of tile you buy, it takes a professional tile installation provider like Grady's Pool Service & Construction to truly make your tile live up to its potential.

With peerless experience and ability, Grady's Pool Service & Construction can achieve even the most complicated tile installations in Central California. What makes the difference is the steps we take to realize your tiling project. By thoroughly examining the space to be tiled, working with you to select high quality tiles and grout, and then perfectly executing the installation, we'll deliver a final look that shines.

Whether you're adding tiles to a new construction or renovating an existing space, our team will assist in every phase of the tile installation job. Grady's Pool Service & Construction has access to many tile distributors and can provide samples of many different tile and grout types to match your exact specifications.

Don't settle for subpar tile installation in Central California. Call 661-699-5242 and choose Grady's Pool Service & Construction for craftsmanship you can count on.

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